Marriage Vows/wording:  Would it be acceptable for us to write our own vows and say them to each other? 

Of course!  Marriage ceremonies are as varied as the brides and grooms, and we want you to have the ceremony you desire.  It is impossible to list every ceremony option or wording here, but we will be happy to discuss with you to tailor your ceremony to your desire .  We are a Christian based wedding company and will provide for you a memorable Christian Ceremony.  You may write your own vows and speak them to each other by the direction of our Officiate, or our Officiate has a very memorable worded ceremony prepared specially tailored for you. There are many ways that friends, family and children can be involved in your marriage ceremony.  Let us know how you want them involved, or if you aren’t sure, we can discuss it and come up with something.  We have many different ideas for you to think about when including children, family and friends. You may have a family member or close friend recite readings, poetry or read scripture during the ceremony.  Please visit our collection of Wedding Readings and Scriptures for ideas.  If you are bringing children on either side to this marriage, from a previous marriage, our Officiate/Minister enjoys allowing them to be a part of the Unity Sand Ceremony that is included with our wedding ceremony we present. Children’s vows can be included in the ceremony if you wish, which can include the presenting of a Family Medallion (necklace, bracelet, etc.). These are all things we will discuss in detail once you book a Alabama Beach Bride Wedding or White Sands Wedding with us.  We're here to help you make all these decisions and make your ceremony special to you.