If we are planning a short trip to your area, will you be willing to meet with us to discuss our Wedding Day needs so we can book in person?


Of course we will.  We always welcome meetings with our potential clients so we can discuss exactly what your expectations are for your wedding photography.  We can't stress enough, how important this is to us and how helpful it will be to you.  It gives us a chance to meet and get a good idea of what your photography needs are.  If you wish to review our portfolio of work, we have over 5,000 photos in the online gallery which are representative of our style and work.  These galleries include entire wedding photography, from start to finish, not just a select few photos.  This way you have access at any time to a large body of our work.  We are always available for unlimited consultation by email or phone also.  We want to make ourselves as accessible as possible.  If you are local or are going to be in our area, let us know ahead of time so we can check our calendar for availability, and we can arrange a meeting to answer all your questions, go over all the details and sign the contract and pay your deposit at that time.  If you are out of state/town, you can print the Contract and Standard Terms of Agreement for the wedding photography or complete wedding package, fill out and sign, and mail it in to the address indicated along with the appropriate deposit amount for whichever package you've decided upon.  Most of our booking is done via phone or email, so if you cannot meet with us in person, of course, you may book via phone/email. 

We realize that it can be difficult to contract services and make plans when you are out of state/town, so we have tried to make it as convenient as possible for you.  When you book your wedding with us, you become our special bride/groom for that given date, and because we choose to only book one wedding on any given date, you will have our full attention and energy during your most special event.