Locations:  Are we responsible for finding our own beach location for the Ceremony?

We can set up your Alabama Beach Bride Wedding or White Sands Wedding at a site you have available, at the house or condo you are renting on the beach (inform the owner/management before booking accommodations), or we can use a public beach area that we have access to.  We do many weddings up and down the beaches and can suggest locations that would be ideal and that are at no extra fee to you.  Call or Email us for these suggested areas.  We do everything we can to save our brides from having to spend unnecessary money.  Some public beach areas do require a permit and should you choose one of these locations, you would be responsible for obtaining the permit, and the cost would be your responsibility; however we will get all of the details and information you need to do that.  Some of the Parks along the Alabama Coast and Florida Panhandle also have Pavilions and other facilities that require a separate and additional permit to reserve the pavilions for use, such as for the reception portion.  This also is your responsibility.  Should you have any questions about any locations, call and discuss this with us and we'll find out details for you and provide you with the appropriate contact information.