Where will you set up my beach wedding?


We will not knowingly set up a wedding at a site that we know to require permits if you do not have one.  We will abide by all the rules and regulations of the public areas where the wedding is held.

We must be able to legally access the wedding site; we will not trespass to get to the site, or will not set up a wedding on private property without the bride/groom first having received prior permission.

Some public areas also require a "per vehicle or per person" entry fee.  These regulations differ for each park, so once we determine where you would like to have your wedding, we can contact the public site for you to find out what the current regulations are and then let you know. 

For all Alabama Beach Bride Weddings and White Sands Weddings (except the Sand Between Your Toes Wedding Pkg.) we must be able to park a truck and trailer close enough to the site in order to unload and transport all of the heavy decorations and the equipment.  In extreme circumstances, there will be an additional fee for those locations where equipment has to be carried a long way because we cannot get close enough to park the trailer to unload the equipment at a reasonable distance.  If you think that your desired location might be difficult to get the equipment and supplies to, please let us know so we can check the location out further.