How does a beach wedding work?


Once you book and secure a date with a deposit and signed contract/terms, We will send you, by email attachments, more information regarding the details of your wedding. Once we have the information we can finalize the plans for your wedding, and inform everyone involved of what to expect.  We will email to you a detailed wedding plan (Timeline) closer to the wedding date for you to review.  This Timeline will have very important, detailed information and instructions for your wedding event and will ease your mind in understanding how your event will unfold.  We can then discuss it to make sure we have all of the correct information.

When you arrive at your Gulf Coast destination for your wedding, please call us and let us know you are at your destination, and please provide us with any updated cell phone or other phone numbers where you can be reached. 

You can schedule your wedding for any time of day you want, however, we do not recommend mid-morning, mid-day or mid-afternoon weddings on the beach.  The overhead sunlight is extremely bright that time of day, and as Professional Photographers know this creates shadowing and squinting and will change the outcome of your most important images.  The best lighting is the hour before sunset known as the Golden Hour.  If you want the closest time possible to sunset, we will look up the sunset time for that date, and determine the starting time by which wedding package you have purchased, along with how many people are involved in your wedding (attendants, family, and events, such as reception events).  We must start early enough to be finished with all photography by the time the sun sets.  First and foremost ,we are Professional Photographers and will direct you in the best time of day for outdoor lighting.

If you purchase a wedding package with a cake reception included, we can have the wedding outdoors and the bride/groom cake cutting and bride/groom champagne toast at the ceremony site or set up inside your accommodations in the air conditioning.  If your wedding budget allows, A rental beach house is the perfect setting for a beach wedding with a cake/punch reception, and many condo/resorts have meeting/banquet rooms you can rent for this.  If the cake reception portion of the wedding is moved indoors, it must be an adjacent area to the ceremony.  Any traveling on our part from the ceremony location to a reception location may entail an additional fee for time and travel.  However, to avoid this, you may consider adding and upgrade of a Value Package One or Two to your wedding package.   

If you are purchasing a wedding package, and plan on incorporating the reception portion with a catered meal, you should consider upgrading your package to include the Value Photography Package 2 or 3.  This will allow for our travel time to the catered location, more hours of coverage for the additional time needed for the dinner, and will certainly increase the number of Proofs to accommodate the additional activity coverage.

It is also possible, if you do want the wedding that includes the cake service, to setup the cake and champagne toast on the beach, so we can get all the photographs of the bride and groom toast and cake cutting.  Then we can pack up the cake and everything that goes with it (napkins, plates, cups, forks, beverage, etc) and just send it with you, so you can serve it after your dinner at a later hour.

Timeline:  Generally, the timeline for your wedding is as follows: 

  • Ceremony

  • Formal Portraits (bride/groom, attendants, immediate family, extended family)

  • Bride and Groom informal romantic beach stroll with photographer

  • Champagne Toast and Cake Cutting (if included in package)

The actual time it takes for a wedding is determined not only by the particular package you choose, but by the number of people involved in your wedding and formal photography (attendants, family, and guests).

We will have a number of people providing services at your wedding, including the professional photographer, minister/Officiant, director of wedding services, and a general assistant.  The director of wedding services will be available to instruct everyone involved in the wedding where to go, stand, and direct the processional.  We will have everything planned according to the information you provide in the questionnaire, so please be as detailed and specific as you can.